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Uplifting CHIC - Uplifting Pink Aventurine with Matte Botswana Agate beads

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Size 6 3/4

One of the most calming and uplifting pieces I've made. 

Earthy and Versatile Agate Quartz Center Stone bracelet that can be worn on both sides. I normally prefer the back, because I love the earthiness texture. You'll have to let me know, which you prefer. 

Pink Aventurine is believed to be a positive uplifting stone of prosperity, diffusing negative emotions, reinforcing leadership, promoting compassion and encouraging perseverance.

Botswana agate is used to help those feeling physically or spiritually out of balance. By balancing the base chakra, Botswana agate is said to bring the body energy, a sense of security and power.

Accented with a cute Grey Moon shaped silver electroplated Druzy.

Smart Jewelry - Meaning easy to clasp, because it's made with a Magnetic Clasp and  Durable Jewelry Wire for a personalized, lasting, fit.

Packaged in a beautiful, Velvet, Tiffany Inspired Gifting box.