• "Don't wait, this is the real deal... give it a try!" ~Diane S.

    Every night when I go to bed my left side
    trap muscle siezes up and it aches to the point of pain and I struggle to get
    comfortable. I recently tried the CBD rollon before I go to bed each night and
    the pain just melts away! Thank you so much April. I can get a pain-free nights
    sleep now! Don't wait, this is the real deal... give it a try! ~Diane S.


Will CBD show up on a drug screen?

No, CBD will not cause a positive result on a drug test. Our CBD is Farm Bill Compliant, which means it is not classified as a federally controlled substance and contains either ZERO THC (or less than 0.3%)

How is this CBD tested?

Our CBD products are tested by 3rd Party, Independent labs to ensure quality and consistency. These lab reports are available for your review on every CBD product page.

Is this CBD Organic?

Yes, our CBD comes from organically grown hemp, manufactured here in the USA following rigorous GMP standards.

Is a prescription required?

No prescription required. Our CBD is non-narcotic, extracted from organically grown hemp.