• "Life Changing!"

    I use this product to help treat symptoms of anxiety and restless nights…life changing! I’ve held a healthy diet and workout at the gym 5 days a week for the past 3 years, but even with a healthy lifestyle, I felt that the anxiety and restless nights were not improving, only getting worse. I am against medication and look for natural healthy solutions. I was referred to by a friend about Shea Chic CBD Mello and Sweet Dream gummies, so I figured “why not give them a try!” Best decision ever! I take two of the Sweet Dream gummies at night and two Mello gummies at day, when needed, it’s so simple and it’s made the biggest difference!! I will sleep throughout the entire night and wake up ready to start the day, if my anxiety gets to me during the day, I take the Mello based on my anxiety level that day. One night my husband asked if he could try out one of my Sweet Dream gummies, since he was having a difficult time sleeping, let’s just say I now buy two bottles of sweet dream CBD gummies!  Best CBD gummies ever with great taste, not to mention the tincture CBD oil is just as awesome! I highly recommend this product to all my friends and family!  ~Julie L.

  • "Highest Quality and Purest Ingredients"

    I love to pamper myself and others with Shea Chic soaps and lotions. My last order was the CBD Relief Rub (Roll-On gel) for my mom who has constant knee pain. She has discomfort and swelling whether she is sitting or standing too long and when walking her knee gives out causing her to fall a lot. Since she started using the CBD rub in the evenings it has not only relieved her knee pain and the swelling but she doesn't have discomfort or stiffness when she wakes up in the mornings!! She was skeptical when I first gave it to her but she was quickly amazed at the relief she experienced so quickly. Thank you April for another wonderful product! It's nice to know we can trust everything from Shea Chic to be of the highest quality and purest ingredients. ~Angeline U.

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  • "I keep a bottle downstairs and upstairs and even in my lunch box"

    I have been struggling with a sore neck for the past year. I felt that my pillow could have been the cause, so I have switched between four different types of pillows in an attempt to see if this was the cause of my neck pain. Since the pain was becoming more constant, I made a doctor's appointment to address the issue. This is when X-rays detected that  I have arthritis in my neck. My options were therapy or pain medication. Finding time for myself to attend therapy often becomes an issue when trying to run a business as well as the responsibilities of everyday life at home. I also struggle with sciatic issues which make it hard to do housework and yard work, not alone that I sit most of my working day. I truly didn't want to continue to take pain medication for the issue because of the affects these can have. This is when I turned to April to help manage the pain with Shea Chic's CBD relief roll-on gel. I couldn't believe how quickly the roll-on gel relieved the pain. It has a soothing cooling effect that feels so good after rubbing into the areas that are in pain. I have tried other CBD products, but they often have a pungent smell or are all very greasy. Shea Chic's roll-on gel applies slightly wet but dries very quickly unlike creams do.  I keep a bottle downstairs and upstairs and even in my lunch box, this way it is available to reapply as needed throughout the day. Thank you April for sharing your products to assist with the excruciating pain. ~Donna T.

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