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    Lavendar Daily Lotion

    "If you like a subtle lavender scent... this is the lotion for you. Made with the highest quality ingredients, it does not leave a greasy feel to your skin as lotions typically do! You will not regret ordering this lotion."

    Buy Lavender Vanilla Lotion Here!

    Moisturizing Shea Butter Soap!

    "Oh my. Just received this soap and cannot wait to use it! The smell is warm and delightful!! I think I might have another favorite! I just order them all, because how can you choose...."

    Buy Shea Butter Soap Here!

    Organic Jojoba Oil

    "Bought this to add to lotion for my super, duper dry skin! This is awesome stuff! Feels and smells wonderful. And the fun bracelet is icing on the cake! Weird to LOVE...but I also love the frosted looking glass bottle! ***** Five Stars All The Way!"

    Buy Organic Jojoba Oil Here!

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    Environmentally Responsible Packaging

    Environmentally Responsible Packaging

    Located in Southern California, we love our oceans and want to protect them. Learn more about our promise to the environment and our Purposeful Packaging.

    Premium Botanical Ingredients

    Premium Botanical Ingredients

    SHEA CHIC has always been known for our high quality.  Here are a few of our favorite Premium Ingredients and what they do in our products.