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Alex Reinsberg
I work with my hands as an industrial mechanic. I probably wash grease and chemicals off of my hands 15 - 20 times a day. Every winter my knuckles crack and bleed. I have tried every lotion in the drug store and nothing has helped. Then I tried my wife's Shea Chic naked lotion and now I am no longer in pain from dry cracking skin. I don't think there is a better product on the market and will never use anything else.
From: St. Louis
Alice Caruso
I absolutely love your products. Your soaps are Awesome. Thank you so much for making such amazing natural products. I highly recommend everyone try Shea Chic products... I promise - You won't regret it.... Thank you! Thank you! April :)
From: Sherwood, AR
Linda R.
I received my Limited Edition beach bag today and it is more beautiful than the picture. It also seems to be very well made. Thank you for such a gorgeous product, and also for the samples you sent. I can't wait to use them--they smell divine!
From: Florida
Nicole Woods
Holy. SHEA. CHIC. Heaven.
After a long, long day of cleaning, I treated myself to an all SHEA CHIC spa night.
From the soap to the scrub to the lotion and, finally, the CALIFORNIA GIRL MASSAGE CANDLE. It is all amazing!!!
I'm in love, I'm sold, and I'm a lifetime SHEA CHIC customer!!!!!!
From: Mayview, Missouri
After having a horrible Monday and spraining my ankle, I came home to my Shea Chic shipment. Immediately I put on some M.E. Chic and I am in heaven! Knowing that some of my favorite Daytime stars have also worn this was an amazing feeling! This made my day and I can't wait to dig into the rest!
From: Atlanta, GA
Natalie Morgan
I just want to say how wonderful these products are, the best combination of scents. I love everything! I use them everyday. I love "sexy mama" scent! Her products make amazing gifts too! Thank you so much for your products!
From: San Diego
Laurie Dildine
April I have to share with you. I used the California Girl lotion this morning. I kind of leary due to a lot of scents give me headaches. I used it first after my shower last night but I fell asleep so didn't know if it gave me a headache or not. So I chanced it and wore it to work today. so are so good. Not a hint of a head ache nothing. From bath and body work I can only wear the original vanilla bean and pearberry. Now I can add California girl to that list. Can't wait to try the La Jolla Sands if I get to keep it since my niece loved the smell of it as well. thank you thank you thank you
From: San Diego, California
Gary Kehn, Service Manager, CCC Pool Services Inc
I am a swimming pool technician. My hands are in chemically treated water almost every day. They get very dry and cracked. I tried some Shea Chic body cream for men. I could not believe how soft and smooth my hands were. It also smells wonderful. I love it!
From: San Diego, California
Claudia Montano
I have been so impressed of the fine quality of this products and the great customer service.
Shea Chic Products are the Best to use and a wonderful Gift to give.
From: La Jolla, CA
Salena Johnson
I ordered some of the mens line of products for my husband. I love how the Sexy cream smells on him. He loves the Shave Soap , and was quite impressed with the bristle brush applicator. Such quality products! I also have to commend Shea Chic in the mens lip balm , his lips are even more kissable.
From: Imperial Beach , CA
Andrea Wasson Patten
April, I have a story for you that your are going to love. I took a shower this morning and of course had to put on lotion. Today I chose Coconut Frosting (which is my favorite). I go in to have surgery on my foot this morning. As I'm being prepped a nurse asked me what I was wearing. I told her what lotion it was. And I so happened to tell her all about Shea Chic including you being from here, having back problems which is when you came up with your business ideas, your shop in your garage, and how successful you are now with the awards shows and you being on tv....etc. Yes it was a long conversation and she was listening. Lol. Anyways she said was going to check out your webite. Next the anesthesia guy came and said I smelled good. The nurse and I giggled. So, I gave him the short version of your life. He said his wife would love your stuff. Ok, so here's the funniest part. They take me into the operating room and the anesthesia guy says to everyone (there's probably 7 ppl in there) "Who can tell me what she smells like?" That's the last thing I remember before I was knocked. Lol!!!
Heather Hadley Jarvis-Gann
I love it!! I was sitting in the hall at school and someone asked me what perfume I was wearing.....insert April's story and pulled up the website. Love it!!
April - Holy cow I absolutely love the coconut chap stix! I'm a weirdo when it comes to chapstick too. I'm also in love with my coconut frosting lotion. Thanks bunches for the extra goodies. As always everything was perfect in my order!!!!! XOXOXO
From: Missouri
Ordered when She Chic first opened and loved it. Just ordered from the end of the year sale (half for me and half for my daughter). Can't wait for my package to arrive with April's added personal touch!
From: Missouri
My daughter and I LOVE Shea Chic. We love the bath bombs and lotions. The lotions are so moisturizing and not greasy or heavy. Better than any brand I've used and I have dry skin.
From: KC MO
Carolyn Bede
From: Cumming, Georgie
Vera Heidolph
Hi April,
thanks so much for your help getting your wonderful products up to my sister in the frigid Great White North. She said just the smell of the creams and soaps made her feel like she was in California (I got her California Girl lotion). She was also thrilled about the free samples of goodies and my be another happy customer who gets hooked on your products. Thanks for producing such great quality lotions, soaps, etc. with so much care and compassion. 
You're the best! Is it time to Christmas shop yet?!?!?
From: Encinitas, CA
Hi April,
I wanted to let you know that your sugar scrub is fabulous!! I have those pesky bumps on the back of my arms (I should say I did have them) & after using the sugar scrub on a regular basis they have gone away! My teenage daughter has started using the scrub on her arms too. I am excited about the new sugar scrub scents & cannot wait to order! Again...thanks for making such a quality product.
Claudia M.
Free Flight Charity Donation Winner: 
Dearest April,
It was so wonderful to meet you, your mom and husband.
I love the body lotions, soaps, etc....All the Shea Chic Products..
You are amazing!!!
Your products are fantastic!!!!!
Sorry it took me some days to answer to your e-mail..
I was out of town and later came back home and have been
busy with my mother at the hospital. She love your products too!!!
Lets be in touch..
From: San Diego, California
marie walton
Just received my products today with the free samples. They are scrumptious! Can't wait to try them all. Love the fact you give back to the community. April, you are the best. Marie
From: san diego
Gentre M.
Good morning April,
Thanks so much for the bachelorette gifts! They were a huge hit!
You are awesome!!
From: San Diego, California
Salena Johnson
I want to thank you for making such great products and your dedication to superb customer service. I love everything I have ever ordered from Shea Chic and all of the samples you send. The new roller ball fragrances are soon to become a favorite , I am certain. Im off to try my new Calif Girl sugar scrub, wooo hoo!!!
From: San Diego, California
Christine Say
THANK YOU!! I LOVE my order!! PURE LAVENDER is for sure summertime favorite. It makes my skin so smooth, it isn't a big deal if my morning routine gets rushed and I don't have time to apply lotion. It's also mild enough to use on every part of me - and I have extremely sensitive skin.
From: MO
Julie Skahan
I received my Shea Chic creams and my pink Coach tote. I absolutely love the creams, especially California Girl! And I really appreciated the free sample of Oh-so-chic cream and the California Girl soap. What a great deal for all the creams and the tote! I love everything! Thank you so much!!
From: Kansas
Salena Johnson
I ordered the " I want a Coach bag" deal and couldn't be more pleased. Superb quality as always!!! Highly recommend Shea Chic.
From: Imperial Beach, Ca
I have tried so many products through the years and I have to say that Shea Chic is my absolute favorite lotion!
From: San Diego
Betty Symons
Thank you for sending my package of your wonderful products so quickly. All of the creams that I have purchased from you have been fabulous but my absolute favorite is the 'Happily Ever After" cream. I can't seem to get enough of it. Thanks also for sending the soaps and cream sample so I can try a couple new scents.
From: San Diego
Reagan C.
Yelp Review: "I have been using SHEA CHIC products since the company first launched in August of 2010 and absolutely LOVE these products!! I haven't used another soap or lotion since SHEA CHIC came around! I love the designs of the soaps, the smells of the soaps and lotions and the Fantastic customer service that is always present by the owner, April Leffingwell. There simply isn't a better company or owner or customer service driven individual in the market! I have recommended SHEA CHIC for nearly 2 years to EVERYONE and will continue to do so!! She is always inventing new products, new scents and asking for customer feedback to improve on what she offers - keep up the TOP NOTCH work April!!!"
From: Kansas City, Missouri
Grant S.
Yelp Review: "I was fortunate to be able to sample some of Shea Chic's products to feature on a website I was working for. I thought I would just get some samples for my wife, but April sent me some "manly" ones as well! I have to say that I truly loved them. The BUBBA bar is great, with a more musky scent, and I also liked the Cherry Bomb soap. They both made my skin feel great. Presentation and packaging are top notch as well. Probably the best part of the company though is the personal touch you get from April, the owner. Try them out!"
From: Los Angeles, California
Sherry P.
Yelp Review: "There is nothing about Shea Chic not to LOVE! My favorite is the Goddess face cream and my teenage son loves the oatmeal soap for his face. I gave a gift set to my (hopefully) soon to be daughter in law and she loved it as well! To top it off, the product presentation is perfection. Cute wrapping, colors, and scents. The owner is super nice, and makes you feel like you are the most important person she is dealing with. Definitely will do business with her in the future and recommend her products to everyone. Thanks April!"
From: Kansas City, Kansas
Rhonda S.
Yelp Review: "There is nothing about Shea Chic not to LOVE! My favorite is the Goddess face cream and my teenage son loves the oatmeal soap for his face. I gave a gift set to my (hopefully) soon to be daughter in law and she loved it as well! To top it off, the product presentation is perfection. Cute wrapping, colors, and scents. The owner is super nice, and makes you feel like you are the most important person she is dealing with. Definitely will do business with her in the future and recommend her products to everyone. Thanks April!"
From: Kansas City, Missouri
Yelp Review: "Absolutely everything about Shea Chic is fantastic! I was lucky enough to buy a bunch of different items and they all were a hit with myself and two daughters!!! Not only are the products top notch, but the customer service is as well. The consultant will go over and above and beyond to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for at a fair price. Simply love Shea Chic!!!"
From: Quincy, Il
Tanya Stroud-Foster
I just wanted u to know how much I love your lotions. I'm in rehab hospital and one of the first things I requested from home was your lotion. Helps me feel pretty. I feel better now that I smell better!
Celebrity Brooke Burns of Baywatch
Hi April,
Just wanted to say thanks for everything! The box arrived Friday, the brunch was Sat... and went b2fully! The girls loved their gifts, and I love mine! Thanks for the speedy delivery, and the great wrapping!
From: Los Angeles, California
Jeanne Collins
I got some of the Shea Chic Surfer Girl lotion for my 60th birthday and fell in love with it! This is the best lotion I've found for my old dry skin and the fragrances are exquisite as well! I'm so glad I found you online so I can order more! I received my first order of replacements today and am looking forward to trying the new fragrances and soaps I ordered as well as the wonderful free samples you included!
From: Santa Clara, CA
Eczema Sufferer (Name withheld)
I had a full body rash for almost 4 weeks before the doctor diagnosed it as pityriasis rosea, and all the while I was suffering from extreme itching, burning, and pain. The doctor recommended moisturizing to sooth the rash until it went away (which could be months), but most products I tried just irritated it and made it burn more. Even oatmeal baths and baby lotion cause the rash to flare up bright red! I thought the pain and itching would never stop until I tried Shea Chic's amazing products. My rash was soothed instantly and I almost cried with relief. April is a modern-day apothecary and I recommend her products to everyone.
From: San Diego
Francie D
Yea! My order arrived today! I love Happily Ever After. Thanks for the samples too. Can't wait to use the Tropical Tease soap.
Jennifer Kelley Miller
The California Girl massage candle is fantastic. I bought it as a why-not? during your last sale, and I am really impressed! I love the scent, the workability of the oil and the way my skin feels after soaking in all of that shea and cocoa butter. I will be buying more of these! And how wise you had the foresight to make the other available scent one of my faves -M.E. Chic! Thanks for another great product, April!
From: Kearney, Missouri
Kristi Bass
I LOVE coming home and seeing my Shea Chic box on the porch!!! April, you really outdid yourself this time! Thank you for making every order so special and personal and upgrading products when you sure don't have to!! After ordering for everyone else at Christmas, this box is selfishly ALL mine ;-)
From: Kansas City, Missouri
LeighAnne Morse
One of the pump lotions is for my mom. She loves the ME CHIC! The rest is for me...yes, I'm an addict
From: Blue Springs, Missouri
Anne Sypert
Thank you. My daughter received the gift today, and loves it.
She sent me a picture and it looks good enough to eat!
Thank you again for the quick delivery.
From: San Diego, California
Barbara Tippie Sechler
Received my Shea Chic package today! Love the products. Thank you so much for the samples of soap I can't wait to try it.
From: Springfield, Missouri
Chris Campbell Kulick
The push up pop is amazing! There are products on the market that you may think "are the same" but nothing compares to the quality of the push up pop. Finally something that works for your dry winter feet. Thanks for making another fabulous product April Rohn Leffingwell! Shea Chic does it again :-)
From: St. Louis, Missouri
Laura Cummings
A quick funny for you. I just used some of the Strawberry Cupcake body cream on my hands. I'm waiting for my daughter to finish her class. A couple of ladies just passed by me and one commented. "Mmm. It smells good in here!" The other lady replied, "It smells like Strawberry Shortcake! Do you remember those dolls?" Ha! It took me a minute to figure out what they were talking about. It was your wonderful lotion! :0) I smell goooood!
From: Sugar Creek, Missouri
Sheri Johnson
Just received my first order yesterday. I am hooked, what a wonderful product. And the way it comes packaged so pretty! xoxoxo
From: El Cajon, California
Wonderful!!!! Great products that I just love, They make the most wonderful gifts. Everyone I give them to falls in love with them, Thanks for great products.
From: NY
Just when you think there can't be another cool product from Shea Chic, here it comes! Got my order with some sample of Cuticle Cream. Wow! It smells good, feels good, and my cuticles are already softening up! Are you working on an eye cream? That would be FAB! V
From: San Diego
cathy lebarron
I loved Everything! The package had such a beautiful personal touch. I must of stared at it for days. Saw you on Fox News in the morning and that's when I ordered. There was a 3 for 29.95 and I have to say I did have trouble trying to complete the order....hence.....I got 3 orders of the same picks. No Worries....I gave it to my friends. Wonderful products...The M. E. Chic Cream is great...wonderful smell...soaps..also awesome! Thank You Again!
From: san diego....point loma
I bought the brick soap, for the first time. I LOVE IT! I love having the ability to cut to the size we need, for each area of the house. Thinner for my daughter's bathroom, thicker for mine. What a fantastic bargain, as well! xoxoxo
From: Lee's Summit, Missouri
Jennifer Kelley Miller
I want to share that the kids are having FUN bath times with all the new SHEA CHIC soaps that Santa left in their stocking! Java, mint tea, Hula Girl, cranberry, banana mango--they run to the bath to smell each one and choose their favorite! They hold the ones with the stained glass effect up to the window and oooo and ahhh. They giggle over washing themselves with "cupcakes", and pretend to eat them. Who needs bath toys? :D
From: Kearney, Missouri
Diane R White
Received your package today and once again happy with it. I can't decide if I like California Girl or Strawberry Cupcake the best!!! I love both of them...sooooo yummy smelling.
From: Guilford, Maine
LeighAnne Morse
I'm officially hooked on your products April Rohn Leffingwell! I received my package today. (many thanks for the extras) The most difficult thing is going to be parting with some that I'm giving away as gifts. All of the reviews I've read about Shea Chic are true. I'm looking forward to trying more of your fantastic products in the near future...Thank you!
From: Blue Springs, Missouri
Victoria Gaither, T.V. News Journalist
I used your products a few days ago and they are amazing......thank you thank you
From: Washington, District of Columbia
Deb Lawhead
I'm in Shea Chic Fall heaven! Just used my pumpkin scrub and pumpkin soap, with my pumpkin candle burning! ;) Pumpkin cream next?!? ;)
From: Omaha, Nebraska
Christine Say
There is nothing I like better than one of your oatmeal soaps, for dry, cold-weather skin!
From: Missouri
Brittany Gerding
I LOVE all of the products that I ordered! The frosted cupcake body cream smells AMAZING! And so does the tropical berry, strawberry, and pinky mint lip balms. Loved the sample you gave me of California Girl Scrub, and also the Java Love Soap (think that's what it was called).
Brenda Leonard
I never realized how good your products really were until I went to Las Vegas this last weekend! It was so stinking dry there and after a few days I felt like my skin and lips were going to fall off! Luckily I had put in my purse a small sample size of your cream and my pinky lip balm..within minutes my skin felt better and after one day of applying the lip balm my lips stopped peeling and were as soft as ever.. Thanks so much for caring about what you put in your products and not just another bath and body works gunk!
Linda Boggioni
Love the new fall line up of Shea Chic soaps. I have the Apple Brulee in my kitchen and it smells like there is an apple pie baking all the time. The Sweet Cranberry found a home in my bathroom and smells wonderful. 
Can't wait to try the Pumpkin sugar scrub.
From: San Diego
Just wanted to let you know how great your products are. I am a fan of the California Girl cream and guys seem to like the Zen lotion. The scrubs are great as well. Thanks!
From: San Diego
Reagan Clark Tesar
I tried your California Girl cream Sunday for the first time and OMGoodness - I think I have a new favorite cream! It is so smoothing on my skin and the fragrance - WOWSERS!!! Just absolutely ♥ ALL things SHEA CHIC!!!!
Tonya Ziegelmeyer Leeka
Hi April! I absolutely LOVE my Shea Chic products! The "Flirty Flirty" smells so good and feels fabulous! The Glamour Girl Hand and Foot cream work like magic. Congratulations on your success and thanks for making such great products! :)
From: Pevely, Missouri
A. Darley
Hi April, just got my goodies today and again I'm in love thank u sooo much .. Love the pinky mint and the pumpkin scrub..... Omgosh delish! Sexy chocolate soap I want to eat ... And..... I'm using the peppermint salts as we speak ... Weehooo il be ordering again . Hot damn this stuff is good and I mean all of it .
From: California
Cheryl Guildner

I just wanted to say how great it was to meet you at the Christmas Event last year that you did in San Diego. I explained to you how we live on well water and have a horrible time keeping our skin hydrated because of the calcium in the water.

You were so kind to take the time to explain to me that it was more than likely the soaps we were using that was causing my husbands skin rash and my dry skin problems. We bought some of your cream and soaps (plus a few bath bombs which I love!) and gave it a try.

We have been your loyal customers ever since. Now as long as I don't run out of the products we're good to go!

Thanks again for taking the time to explain why good soap is so important to skin care.

Let me know if this works or something else you had in mind.

Cheryl Guildner
From: El Cajon, California
Julie Harris Childress
I promise I don't make up this stuff!!! ~ I think this is a great advertisement from a pint-sized Shea Chic lover! Tonight I gave Karis a goodnight kiss on the lips & had on my Tropical Berry Lip Gloss! "Mmm. I love it when you kiss me with Shea Chic on bc it makes your kisses more delicious!! Can you kiss me again & rub some off on my lips?!"
Chris Jones
Just want to drop you a quik note......My sister in law LOVES your creams....especially after shaving her legs and getting out of the shower she says. Her favs are California Girl and Happily Ever After. She says it makes her legs feel very soft....almost like a layer of baby skin, WITHOUT BEING GREASY. My wife Jennifer likes her Flirty Flirt from the contest. She hasn't tried the soap or bath bomb yet but when she does I will let ya know. Thanks for the contest and again thank you for sending the stuff!
From: New York
Sharon Hinkle
Just found your note in box of Jasmine Musk Cream that I am giving as hostess gifts this weekend. will be placing an order in October for more gift giving. I gave several of your Musk Creams to family members at a wedding in late June. Nothing but positive remarks, “that lotion is really good”; “I really like it.” —I always include copies of your story from the magazine you sent me plus a copy of your business card so they can order more. I will be ordering more for me too—nice product!!
From: Poway, California
Caren Jane Rahn
I received my order and I am IN LOVE with the coconut frosting body cream!!! Can I buy by the gallons?? ;) hehe 
You Make wonderful products, Girlfriend!!! thank you for my goodies:))) xo!
From: San Diego, California
Andrea Darley
Omgosh I've found my new love....CALIFORNIA GIRL cream and whipped soapy sugar scrub!!! Woo hoooooooo!
From: San Diego, California
Shirley Hughes Cottrell
I just received my shipment of products today and all I can say is WOW!!! The cream is heavenly and works so well on my "old" dry skin and I have had some trouble with my elbow and NOTHING has worked but already it is feeling better after using your M.E. Chic cream. April, I can hardly wait to try the soap now. I loved the samples too. My one granddaughter, Courtney, took the Summer Crush and LOVES it too. Needless to say, you have made a big hit in this household. I am so excited and it smells perfect. Thank you for the suggestion you made and I love the magazine article too. You are so deserving April of all your hard work to help all of us and if anyone out there that hasn't tried her line of products, do yourself a favor and do it NOW. I can hardly wait to place my next order for some other products. I AM HOOKED! Thanks so much.
From: Riverside, Missouri
Janet Ouellette
This is the best lotion I have ever used, hands down. In addition, you fall in love with the smells. Forget those specialty shops.
Mary Lewis
My favorite fragrance is M.E. CHIC...Everyone that I give it to loves the scent and purity of the cream.
Thank you, April
From: San Diego, California
Chris Jones
Just letting you know that my sis in law loved the creams and the scents. I gotta say I love your new Cali Girl! That stuff smells like buttery frosting! I just wanna eat it!
From: Rochester, New York
Jennifer Miller
April, you spoil your customers rediculously! I love it! Thank you for the Drama Queen with Oatmeal soap, it is WOW-jumping-out-fresh-at-you! I will be racing to the shower each morning! I'm giddy with all the soap and cream choices I have now. Thanks for the work you do and all the little "me moments" you make possible! Jen
From: Kansas City, Missouri
Tracy Wilson
Debra McCracken put your Creams and Lip Stix in our Welcome bags for our yearly girls trip. I first heard about them through Angie and was pleasantly surprised to see them in our bags! Needless to say I LOVE THEM! Great products and I can't wait to try the new ones that I just bought!
From: Hannibal, MO
Barbara Lauber McCollum
April you are amazing! Thank you so much for my order! You always make me feel like the most important customer each time I open your packages! I appreciate you so much! And I love all of the goodies!
From: North Kansas City, Missouri
Sydney Kinsella
I received my 3 pump body lotions and just love them. Your service is awesome! So fast and 2 of them are gifts for family up in Santa Monica so they will spread the word even more. : I met you at the luncheon fundraiser "Walk on the Wildside" at the Hyatt San Diego. I love the products that I bought there and so wanted to share them with family. You and your products are truly fantastic! Thanks Again and I'll be back for more.
From: San Diego, California
Julie Groff
Angie Ungerer told me to be sure to let you know that I heard about you and ordered because of her. She shared your product with me and I loved it, that's why I ordered mine. I have shared it with a friend too, and she loves it. She asked that I share if you have a good sale so she can get some great and unique Christmas gifts for her friends. My husband also loves it!
From: Grain Valley, Missouri
Amy Collins
April, I LOVED all of my cremes I ordered! I'm so glad my sister-in-law, Angie Mannino Collins, introduced me to your wonderful products. I was very anxious for my box of goodies to arrive. I did not have to wait long and I was very excited to discover some extra goodies! Thank you so much!
From: Osceola, Mo
Andrea Wasson Hamilton
April - I spent a little too long in the sun this past weekend lol. I've tried everything to make it feel better and wouldn't you know Shea Chic lotion works awesome on sunburns. Paul has even been using the lotion I got him on his burn. :)
From: Blue Springs, Missouri
Betty Symons
Thank you for your wonderful products. All of the creams that I have purchased from you have been fabulous. It was nice to meet you in person when I purchased my last supply at the event on Adams Avenue. I'm now almost out again and will reorder soon. I can't get enough of the 'Happily Ever After" cream.
From: San Diego
Caren Rahn
Loving my order and samples:) Thank you so much! Shea Chic Made my skin so happy in the dry Palm Springs weather (: I wear a different scent each day:))))
From: Palm Springs
Chris Campbell Kulick
Love love my lotion & soaps! Miss B Have smells awesome. Flirty Flirt is great...thanks for the sample. It will be a part of my next order...for sure! My daughter wants to try the lip balm, so you know that will be a part of my next order as well :-) Ohhh.....Hula girl is fabulous...we all love it!
From: Saint Louis, Missouri
K. Reese
Candle tins of San Diego were a hit! A 100 tins with a very tight deadline and April made it work for me. Thank you for all your help and we will be in touch again!
From: San Diego, Ca
Jenny Marti
April! I received my order today and not only do I LOVE the creams I ordered, you sent the most perfect samples! Thank you so much!! I can't wait to try all of them! MUAH - lots of love!
From: Tampa, Florida
Salena Johnson
I received my order today and love ALL of them!...Cupcake literally smells good enough to eat!....hahahaaa, thanks for such quality products and your fantastic customer service =) absolutely love the "Goddess facial cream" sample u sent...definitely will be included in my next order!!...my skin feels so soft, but not oily...love,love,love it!!!!
From: San Diego, California
Stacie Kelley Andrews
I was starting to panic getting a little bit too low on my fav SHEA CHIC CREAMS.... so I placed my order...and (WALA) they were quickly delivered to my front door ever so CHICLY packaged!! Thank you SHEA CHIC LADY! Xoxo
From: Lees Summit, Missouri
Reagan Clark Tesar
Just ordered some more SHEA CHIC - can't wait for my next delivery!! It's like Christmas when SHEA CHIC is delivered - the beautiful packaging and the extra samples to try - Oh La La!!! xoxo
From: Kansas City, Missouri
Caren Rahn
Omg! Literally just received my order and I am in love with the Sparkle Princess Cream!! And the samples you gave me:) I can't wait to shower tonight ;) Excited for my next order!
From: El Cajon, California
Kristin Kochanski
Love the Shea Chic products April!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much.
From: New York, New York