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USDA Certified Organic Argan Oil Imported from Morocco - Custom Blended Scent Option
USDA Certified Organic Argan Oil Imported from Morocco - Custom Blended Scent Option
USDA Certified Organic Argan Oil Imported from Morocco - Custom Blended Scent Option

USDA Certified Organic Argan Oil Imported from Morocco - Custom Blended Scent Option


If we are hand blending a scent into your Organic Argan Oil the oil will turn a darker hue of brown due to the Natural Vanilla Content. Natural Vanilla turns all products dark brown. This is as Natural as you can get for a Fragrance Oil Blend. We only sell the very best, because we care about you and your family! 

USDA Certified Organic Argan Oil:

100% Vegan USDA Certified Organic Pure Argan Oil imported from the farmers of Morocco. 

Organic Argan Oil:

  • The nutty/rubbery organic aroma (Authentic Scent)
  • Deeply moisturizing and effective.
  • Quickly absorbing.
  • Soft powdery feel with dissipating organic aroma. 
  • Exceptional quality.

Pure, cold-pressed Argan Oil is very hard to make and takes many hours of manual labor to produce. Genuine, raw, cosmetic-grade Argan Oil can smell unique to the uninitiated nose, most say it smells 'nutty' or like 'popcorn.' The scent of raw, hand-pressed Argan Oil varies from batch to batch and crop to season.  It's not customary to have unscented Organic Argan Oil without some type of manipulation, and ours is 100% natural - Sometimes the scent is lighter in Organic Argan and sometimes it is a quite aromatic.  

  • Uses
  • 4 Stage Extraction
  • Picasso Jasper
  • Great Uses for Argan Oil:


    Scalp and hair for split ends and regrowth 

    Body moisturizer

    Facial Moisturizer for those with dry skin

    Eye-makeup remover

    Blending with your favorite Essential Oil

  • Our Argan Oil goes through a four stage extraction process:

    Selecting the fruit: Between June and August, the women harvest and gather the fruit by hand. This fruit is dried for several weeks in the sun by spreading the fruit on the rooves of mud-brick houses.

    Cracking the nuts: Crushing Argan nuts to obtain Argan kernels (seeds). The nuts are crushed between two stones BY HAND!

    Grinding the kernel: our method of choice, through a process known as cold press, slowly extracting the oil from the kernel, to best preserve the oil’s natural medicinal properties.

    Filtration: this process is one of the most guarded secrets and has been passed down from one generation to another.

    The Eco-friendly Policy where we source our Organic Argan Oil:

    All of our Argan kernels come from women’s cooperatives, in order to help the social and economic development of rural Moroccan women. There are three key elements of our eco-friendly policy:

    Social Responsibility

    Sustainability and protection of Argan trees and forest ecosystem as a whole are of great importance to us. In addition, we also support projects that aim to improve the standard of education in the region, slow down the rural exodus, and stop the spread of the desert into this beautiful area.

    Economic Responsibility

    It is important for our company to make an effort to protect the income of the many women and their families who depend on the Argan forests for their livelihood. We preserve the craft’s tradition of “crusher women”, which allows them a means of independence. Currently, we have over 10 women whose job is to open the nuts, and a team of over 13 people working to improve the quality of our Argan oil, thereby ensuring that our customers receive the best possible product.

    Environmental Responsibility

    Our company is serious about its commitment to the environment. We follow a balanced approach towards sustainable development, based on the protection of our heritage, the Argan forests, and valuing its produce. We combine this with our effort to improve the living conditions of local inhabitants. We strongly believe that even small efforts can help make our world a greener, better place to live.

  • Picasso Jasper is a lovely, happy stone that reminds us to celebrate and enjoy life, encouraging optimism and openness.  It assists in the positive transformation of relationships and brings happiness to those who wear it. 

    Picasso Jasper is said to attract positive people into ones life and helps to support and encourage friendships to blossom in healthy loving ways. This stone also helps to renew old friendships that may have been lost. It has strong grounding and calming qualities that help encourage strength and self-discipline. This is a beautiful bracelet that should be worn every day. We hope it brings more love and happiness to your life. 

    Each SHEA CHIC product is thoughtfully chosen.


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