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Mix 'n Match 3 Massage Melts

Choose any 3 of our moisturizing Soy-Free, Massage Melts made with Pure, Unrefined Organic Shea Butter Imported directly from Northern Ghana for SHEA CHIC.  Choose one of each below and click "add bundle to cart."

Amazing ingredients like Organic Shea Butter, Coco Butter, and Pure Olive Oil.

Made from Fair Trade Organic Shea Butter of the Purest Quality. I purchase this Shea Butter directly from the women who gather, harvest and sell this butter in Northern Ghana. By buying this product, you're supporting them and giving those ladies a means to work and live. Win! Win!

This is the only product we carry that is not Vegan and is made with beeswax.

We love bees, and want to support them.

Plus, Beeswax is outstanding for your skin.  

We know you'll love these Massage Melts!

(Note: Oil melter/warmer not included.)