I am a HUGE Animal lover.  In my home we have 5 (Five) rescue dogs and 3 (Three) Parrots.  SHEA CHIC has been donating to needy animals since we opened, in 2010.  Wanting to be able to donate to more needy animals,  I started working on the absolutely BEST, Completely NATURAL Dog Soap, for two years now.  I chose to make this dog soap a solid bar,  versus a liquid soap, because after all of my research I found liquid soaps contain too many “man made” and “un-natural” ingredients that aren’t good for our skin, or for theirs. So after two years… it’s finally PERFECT!”  Introducing the PUPPY LOVE Project… 100% Natural PUPPY LOVE Project Dog Soap!  A portion of the Proceeds from each bar sold will go to animals in need.

KONA gets a Bath

See the Puppy Love Soap in Action

Giving Back

Animals are our PASSION! SHEA CHIC’s paid for life saving surgeries, paid fee’s to save animals from being euthanized, sponsored animal advocates to continue saving animals in need, held dog food fundraisers and so much more.

All Natural

Made with:

Gluten Free Ground Oatmeal

Certified Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Certified Pure Cedarwood Essential Oil

Certified Pure Peppermint Essential Oil

Premium Shea Butter


Infused with real oatmeal, this soap is soothing to the skin.  Your dog will love it!

This is Brody, our adorable English Bulldog.  We found Brody in the desert north of Los Angeles, where he was living tethered to a tree.  We didn’t hesitate and adopted him immediately (who could say no to that face?)

Here we are in Costco buying a truckload of food for the “” Dog shelter in Del Mar.  Thank you for making this possible!

This is Maximus – he was pulled from the kill list at a local shelter. To help make this possible, The Puppy Love Project paid for his food, and a “forever home” was found for Maximus. Ya!!

Please try my new Puppy Love Dog Soap – you’ll love it, and so will your Dogs!  Sorry to all the cats out there, this soap is for dogs only.

I use Certified Pure Essential Oils to make this incredible PUPPY LOVE Dog Soap, so do not use this soap on cats.

I’d love to see pictures of your dogs and their PUPPY LOVE Dog Soap.

If you send me a picture of your dogs and our soap, I’ll add their pictures to our website.