Giving Back

SHEA CHIC is known as the

“Small Business with a BIG Heart!”


Giving back is something we’ve quietly done, since the first day we opened. 

We’ve given back to hundreds of charities and organizations!

I’m proud to say we’ve saved the lives of countless animals that were set to be euthanized.

SHEA CHIC has paid for life saving operations for animals we’ve never met.  

We’ve also provided food for animals in need, until they found their forever homes.

We can not do this without your orders!

THANK YOU for helping us Pay It Forward! 

~April xo

Here are just a few examples of what YOU have done through your purchase of SHEA CHIC products.

SHEA CHIC Loves Roozer Brewz! Here are a few words from Roozer’s Mommy, Christine Clark.

“Shea Chic has been a constant supporter of Roozer Brewz. They helped provide necessary veterinary care to enable him to have an excellent quality of life. Roo is a miniature horse that was born with a genetic disorder of dwarfism in 2011. With that disease comes many complications. Many veterinary care necessities were required ensure his quality of life remain excellent. With the support of Shea Chic we were able to provide those for Roo.”

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SHEA CHIC donated to help sweet Gunner through a terrible accident.

Gunner is a 5 year old thoroughbred that was involved in an accident and had a severe degloving injury to both legs legs. His bone and his tendon were exposed. thankfully, it was not broken. He had surgery at Helen Woodward large animal hospital, and has been cared for daily with bandage changes, antibiotics, and pain medicine. The wounds are not healing well, and Gunner needs to be transported back to the hospital for a second surgical debridement and casting of his leg under general anesthesia.

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SHEA CHIC Donated to Marc Ching for the China Effort. Marc traveled alone to China to help save dogs that were being abused and tortured for the meat trade.






SHEA CHIC Donated to Hope’s GoFundMe Page for a sweet senior named Betty. Betty was rescued from the Morena Valley Shelter with serious medical issues.


SHEA CHIC matched donations dollar for dollar to buy Dog Food for the local San Diego Shelter that desperately needed food. 

SHEA CHIC has donated to Free Flight of Del Mar for the past five years. This is a non-profit bird sanctuary very dear to our hearts.