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When I lived in San Diego 2011-­2014 LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS .Especially California Girl fragrance. I have Sjogrens, and Autoimmune disease­ dry eyes, mouth, SKIN and your products WORK!!

Best lotion, hands down!

Since Shea Chic opened several years ago, it’s the only lotion I have used. Not only does it keep my very dry hands, soft and smooth, but it smells heavenly!! I promise, if you try it, you will never go back to what you were using before!

Olathe, Kansas

Over the top Customer Service

I really appreciate you and your OVER THE TOP customer service.Your kind of service is rare these days.
Best Wishes and Happy New Year,


Surfer Girl

My daughters love their bottle of Surfer Girl! They love the smell of the plumerias!

Escondido, CA

Lip Balms

After a long winter I found that this is the best product on the market. I have tried alot of the drugstore lip balms and they left me feeling like I had a thick layer of grease. With “chic men lip balm” I don’t feel that. I used less and it kept my lips from cracking and bleeding. This product is amazing. It is a must have for winter

In Love

Seriously, April. I have not tried a SHEA CHIC product I didn’t like, but those Lavender Bliss Bath Salts…AMAZING.
I couldn’t wait to use them tonight after teaching nine very rambunctious 3-5 year olds in Awana’s at church.
I think you should’ve named it SHEA HEAVEN…in my humble, very relaxed opinion.

Mayview, MO

AWESOME products

I have loved my cream for a long time and it is so exciting when I get to share some of it with others and they just go on and on how good it feels. I have an aunt that was visiting and she loved it so I ordered her some and she is HOOKED. I recently tried the mint lip balm and was hoping to get to keep one for myself, but looks like I will have to order more because the 3 that ordered have already been taken. You have the best products and they smell so wonderful. Keep up the good work and I love the surprises you always seem to add too. You awesome and Shea Chic is amazing. PS: The Royals forever sure smells good too. I had to hide it so I could keep it.

Independence, MO

Luv, Luv, Luv

I am hooked! Introduced to April’s products by my sis. I love everything I have ordered! The lotions do not leave that greasy feeling on your hand and body, it absorbs in and leave your skin feeling smooth and smelling wonderful! I also love that the fragrance does not overpower the room or you!

I love my samples of other items to try!

You cannot go wrong with any of her products and she gives back to save animals!!! Come on what are you waiting for!

San Tan Valley, AZ

Shea butter lotion

That lotions are to die for they soak in the skin , moisturize & last all day not to mention the smell!!!! Haven’t tried the puppy love soap yet but I’m sure I’m going to love it!!!!


Love the San Diego roots!

I just upon your product at a friends house and love to hear your roots are in San Diego. As a San Diego wife and mother, I love supporting our local businesses and cannot wait to share your product with others on my sandiegomoms site!

San Diego

Best soap for pups!

I absolutely love this product! One of our dogs, Catalina, has always had problems with dry itchy skin. Upon moving to the San Diego area she unfortunately got a fleas. We managed to get rid of them, but her allergy to flea saliva left her extremely itchy. After just one wash with a Puppy Love soap bar, her irritated skin was soothed and her fur was so soft. Her usually dry skin was also balanced and moisturized. We will definitely buy again! Thanks, April.

San Diego, CA


Oh my goodness. From the moment I pulled the box from the mail I got this wonderful waft of sweet smelling goodies. Not overwhelming like walking into the mall lotion/candle shops but a subtle wonderful smell. And it kept coming as I took each item out and even received some wonderful extra sample goodies to try. Loved them all. I can’t wait to try more and the pups, while they don’t love baths, I sure love the way you’ve made the soaps on a rope that lather up so easily in the bath or shower. Makes it so easy to bathe the pups! Good job and keep your good stuff coming!

San Tan Valley Az

Sharon Hinkle

Love getting an order package from you—especially with extra goodies.  Thank you for the soap and cube scrub.  I will enjoy.  Also, the selection of creams—have to say for the most pleasing to smell for me were: BoHo and Sorority Girl; however, it was close with all.  Keep up the good work.  Nice packaging too!

Cathy Lebarron

I loved Everything! The package had such a beautiful personal touch. I must of stared at it for days. Saw you on Fox News in the morning and that’s when I ordered. The M. E. Chic Cream is great…wonderful smell…soaps..also awesome! Thank You Again!

Point Loma, California January 6, 2013


Just when you think there can’t be another cool product from Shea Chic, here it comes! Got my order with some sample of Cuticle Cream. Wow! It smells good, feels good, and my cuticles are already softening up! Are you working on an eye cream? That would be FAB!

January 15, 2013


Wonderful!!!! Great products that I just love, They make the most wonderful gifts. Everyone I give them to falls in love with them, Thanks for great products.

New York January 21, 2013

Sheri Johnson

Just received my first order yesterday. I am hooked, what a wonderful product. And the way it comes packaged so pretty! xoxoxo

El Cajon, California February 2, 2013

Laura Cummings

A quick funny for you. I just used some of the Strawberry Cupcake body cream on my hands. I’m waiting for my daughter to finish her class. A couple of ladies just passed by me and one commented. “Mmm. It smells good in here!” The other lady replied, “It smells like Strawberry Shortcake! Do you remember those dolls?” Ha! It took me a minute to figure out what they were talking about. It was your wonderful lotion! :0) I smell goooood!

Sugar Creek Missouri February 6, 2013

Chris Campbell Kulick

The push up pop is amazing! There are products on the market that you may think “are the same” but nothing compares to the quality of the push up pop. Finally something that works for your dry winter feet. Thanks for making another fabulous product April Rohn Leffingwell! Shea Chic does it again

St. Louis, Missouri February 7, 2013

Barbara Tippie Sechler

Received my Shea Chic package today! Love the products. Thank you so much for the samples of soap I can’t wait to try it.

Springfield, Missouri February 9, 2013

Anne Sypert

Thank you. My daughter received the gift today, and loves it.
She sent me a picture and it looks good enough to eat!
Thank you again for the quick delivery.

San Diego, California February 11, 2013

LeighAnne Morse

One of the pump lotions is for my mom. She loves the ME CHIC! The rest is for me…yes, I’m an addict

Blue Springs, Missouri February 18, 2013

Kristi Bass

I LOVE coming home and seeing my Shea Chic box on the porch!!! April, you really outdid yourself this time! Thank you for making every order so special and personal and upgrading products when you sure don’t have to!! After ordering for everyone else at Christmas, this box is selfishly ALL mine 😉

February 20, 2013

Jennifer Kelley Miller

The California Girl massage candle is fantastic. I bought it as a why-not? during your last sale, and I am really impressed! I love the scent, the workability of the oil and the way my skin feels after soaking in all of that shea and cocoa butter. I will be buying more of these! And how wise you had the foresight to make the other available scent one of my faves -M.E. Chic! Thanks for another great product, April!

Kearney, Missouri March 16, 2013

Francie D.

Yea! My order arrived today! I love Happily Ever After. Thanks for the samples too. Can’t wait to use the Tropical Tease soap.

March 25, 2013

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